Huge rat dubbed ‘real life Ratatouille’ trolls swanky bar with top health rating

A large rat was spotted scampering around a grade A health inspection sign in the window of a Manhattan theatre and bar in what's been dubbed "the most New York thing ever".

The huge rodent was caught on camera as it scurried around the proudly displayed sign at Dixon Place, an alternative non-profit theatre with a fully operating bar. The video was shared to TikTok, with the clip aptly set to Le Festin from the Ratatouille soundtrack as it was captioned: "Remmy spotted in NYC".

Footage showed the rat's long tail and behind next to the sign as a woman tapped the glass of the theatre's front window in an attempt to get it to move. The rat then quickly scurried behind the sign, leaving some droppings, before re-emerging on the other side as the crowd that had gathered outside laughed.

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It appeared the noise outside startled the rat, which dropped down from the window sill and disappeared into a plant pot below it. Viewers were quick to note the irony.

"Him being right next to the A rating is just.. priceless," one person commented. Another added: "A’ stands for ‘A really bad rating’"

A third said: "That’s not a rating that’s a rat-ing". Some claimed it was the "real life Ratatouille" as they found the similarities of the hit film hilarious.

One person joked: "He’s the chef leave him alone." A second person said: "That’s just the ratatouille dude, he’s chill," while another added: "I KNEW ratatouille was based on a true story."

The theatre boasts it's "warm and friendly cocktail lounge" features recycled wood walls, custom stained-glass foyer artwork, antique Persian rugs and a custom bar. But despite the bar also featuring an unwanted rodent guest, the venue was still able to achieve the highest possible health inspection grade.

Some viewers weren't surprised, as they claimed rat infestations are common in New York City's bars and restaurants. "The most New York thing I have seen today," one person said.

Another commented: "I'm sorry to break it to everyone, but every NYC restaurant has more than one rat." A third horrified viewer added: "You could not pay me to go to New York at this point."

The Big Apple is infamous for its rat population, which has exploded in recent years, with current estimates putting the number of rats in the city at around 2 million. The rodents have become such a notorious part of the city that there's now even sight-seeing tours taking tourists to witness some of the most infested areas, the New York Post reports.

New York City mayor Eric Adams appointed a "rat czar" tasked with leading the "wholesale slaughter" of rats back in April. In July he claimed the city is winning its war on rate, with sightings dropping by up to 45% in some areas.

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