Man with £50,000 bionic penis splits from woman who took his virginity at 45

A man born without a penis, who finally lost his virginity at 45 thanks to his £50,000 bionic manhood, has reportedly split from the woman who took it.

Andrew Wardle had the expensive penile mechanical implant fitted in 2018.

With his new mechanical manhood, he and long-term girlfriend Febra Fabian, 33, were finally able to have sex.

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The pair apparently spoke about having children together but according to MailOnline Andrew, now 50, has now split from his first love.

Febra has allegedly left the UK and moved back to Hungary.

A source told MailOnline: “They just drifted apart especially after Fedra had to go back to Budapest to see a sick relative.

“When someone is in a different country these things can happen. It came to a natural conclusion. It ended about a year ago but they were together for ten years.

“Andrew hasn't been with anyone else. He still has to go through some medical procedures.”

The source explained that while the mechanical device allows Andrew to feel some pleasure from sex, he is mostly focused on his health.

Andrew was born with the condition bladder exstrophy – meaning he had no penis, one testicle and his bladder outside his body.

As a child he underwent a surgical procedure to create an artificial opening known as a stoma in his urinary system.

He had several surgeries to build a tube from his bladder and to prevent kidney problems.

Andrew was subjected to torment throughout his entire school life, to the point that he attempted suicide.

Following his surgery in 2018, Andrew said he felt like the “bionic man” despite having to wait six weeks to lose his virginity.

In previous interviews, Andrew said it was “fantastic” to finally have sex.

He added: “After all Fedra and I have been through, it's the cherry on the cake.”

Fedra previously said: “We got there. We built it in a different way, in an old school way, in a sense.

“He's my best friend, my partner in crime and we got there in just under six years.

“It was really natural, it only lasted around 30 minutes. I was really nervous not to cause any pain, which is usually the other way around, isn't it.

“It was just really magical. It was just lovely to make the next step and open that door, but it wasn't forced.”

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