Russian ‘cow-loaning’ bloke spends £20k sending ‘every woman in Donbass’ a dress

A strange Russian bloke who bought everyone in his town a cow has exceeded himself by getting every woman in the occupied Donbass region a dress.

Lavr Usov, started a cow-loaning scheme in St Petersburg, Russia, called “Every Family Has Its Own Cow”, has spent a whopping £24k on dresses to send to 200 women in the “Northern Military Distrcit” zone of the Donbass region.

The area has been fought over since 2014 when Russia invade it.

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And to coincide with Russian celebrations over the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the area from the Nazis, the bloke has splashed the cash to make sure the women can “dress up” or “go on dates”.

According to Russian news outlet The Rotunda, he said: “When we approach some issues, we solve them creatively.

“Therefore, while everyone is sending some kind of buckwheat, we believe that people need a holiday, and people should dress up, formalise family relationships, fall in love, go on dates.

“Many men are dying.

“The moment will come when something will need to be done with women who need to continue to live somehow, to arrange their destiny, and a woman without a man is like a bell without a tongue.”

The news outlet claims the women in the area have no clue they're about to get a ton of dresses, with the first 300 being shipped out in the next few days.

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They are going to be sent to the office of the Mayor of Donetsk, and are from a business in Russia that catered for weddings but closed down.

The shipment also includes mink fur coats, and each dress costs around £80 each making the value of the dresses without extras around £24k.

He is hoping that the dresses are distributed to the women, and he plans to send more as and when they become available.

Details on the fate of his 2017 cow-loaning scheme are scare, but it was selling milk via a Russian food website at the time, as he claimed to have 500 litres of milk spare per month once locals had taken it for themselves.

He did also have 54 cows available at one point, and was making around £81k per month in profit.

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