Real-life Robocop as 7ft police officers with 360 degree vision patrol airport

A real-life Robocop has been spotted at Changi Airport in Singapore, with the titan-like police enforcement androids tasked with patrolling the international transportation hub.

At a staggering 7ft tall when fully extended, the robots, which boast 360 degrees of vision, are on hand to put lawbreakers in their place.

Although the bots are yet to be fitted with weaponry, the major police technology expansion has drawn comparisons to the classic 1980s movie after a five year trial was introduced.

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Testing will see the augmented frontline officers tasked with keeping the peace in the communal spaces of Changi Airport before an expected rollout on the city streets in the years to come.

The robots have been part of services since April and are being assessed to see how well a deployment of "frontline officers" made up of 7ft androids would fare.

So far, the "eyes on the ground" role used in step with already patrolling airport security has been praised as a modern addition to the "technological arsenal" of on-duty officers, CNN reported.

In the event of an incident, it would appear the robots are able to enforce cordons, warn bystanders with their sirens and speakers, while also alerting other officers with its blinkers.

Members of the public can even interact with the newly kitted Robocops by pressing buttons on the front of the robot.

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Lim Ke Wei of the airport police service, said: "The integration of robotics enhances the operational efficiency and capabilities of our frontline officers, enabling them to be more effective in their duties."

Extendable masts fitted to each of the robot enforcement officers sees the height of the new police force additions extend from 5.5ft to a huge 7.5ft.

Since then, passengers have given their verdict on the robots, which one person likened to "something out of a movie or Black Mirror."

That same passenger noted his concern at how machines "will take over the world" and that the new security robots "definitely look like they mean business".

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