Hide your ‘typing’ status in WhatsApp using these hidden app settings

As one of the world's most popular encrypted messaging services, WhatsApp offers its users plenty of decent privacy options. While it's not perfect, the end-to-end encryption it uses protects the messages you send to your contacts from anyone outside of a chat.

But what if you want more privacy from your contacts too? With live statuses, 'typing' notifications, and 'last active' settings, WhatsApp doesn't exactly keep your activities hidden from your contacts.

However, there are steps you can take to keep your movements low-key, which are perfect for avoiding annoying messages or people you just don't have time for right now—without giving the game away.

How can I hide my typing status on WhatsApp?

If you're writing a mini-essay to someone and want to do a few redrafts, it makes sense to hide whether you're in the process of typing it or not.

Although the official WhatsApp app doesn't have a feature to let you hide your typing status, there is still a cheeky way around it.

Before you start typing the message, just activate Flight Mode or turn off your data. Now, open WhatsApp and type and send your message.

A 'clock' icon will appear next to it and as soon as you turn back on data or disable Flight Mode, the message will send and your contact will be none the wiser about how long you spent writing it,

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Can I chat while appearing offline in WhatsApp?

Yes, you can! Follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Hit the 'Settings' button (this is the three dots in the top right on Android, or in the bottom left on iOS)
  3. Go to 'Account', then 'Privacy'.
  4. Open 'Status' and tap 'Only Share With…'.
  5. Don't select any contacts, then head back to 'Account'

Your 'last seen' and 'online' status will be invisible to everybody now, giving you maximum privacy from the rest of the world.

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