USAF pilot claims Nimitz UFO used Star Trek-style warp engine to reach 19,000mph

A former US Air Force fighter pilot claims to have worked out how the UFOs perform their incredible manoeuvres.

There have been countless reports of military encounters with the mystery craft over the past 20 years, even sparking a huge Pentagon investigation.

In the most famous sighting, the USS Nimitz encounter, fighter pilots reported seeing a UFO plummet from 28,000ft to just above sea level in less than one second.

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It would mean the craft reached 19,000mph – a speed that would pulverise any human pilot inside.

Former USAF pilot Chris Lehto explained the "two main issues" of the craft are they “move without inertia – they basically have no weight”.

But then when they move, “they move exceedingly fast super fast with no effect on their environment”.

Chris thinks the answer is a technology straight out of the realms of science fiction.

He says that the answer to the UAP riddle is an Alcubierre Drive – a theoretical interstellar engine devised by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994.

It uses a kind of “space warp” technology that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever seen an episode of Star Trek.

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The technology bends space – allowing a craft inside a “warp bubble” to effectively surf along at speeds close to or even beyond the speed of light without breaking any of the known laws of physics.

“The Alcubierre Drive remains a hypothetical concept with seemingly difficult problems to solve,” Chris explained. “Although the amount of energy required is no longer thought to be unobtainably large.”

Patents filed with the US patent office describe how the drive might work, along with another revolutionary technology theorised by American aerospace engineer Salvatore Pais.

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Pais theorises that high-powered rotating magnets could theoretically eliminate an object’s inertia, and has filed a patent for a starship working on that principle.

Chris is sceptical there though.

He explained: “His patent applications for the US Navy attracted attention for their potential energy-producing applications, but also doubt about their feasibility, and speculation that they may be scams, pseudoscience, or disinformation intended to mislead the United States' adversaries.”

Rival theories suggest that the "Tic Tac" is actually a secret Pentagon project which are testing some of those same advanced technologies that Chris is talking about

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