Enigma of bloke who fell to death from UK bridge with Batman stories in his pocket

Nearly three decades later, no one has been able to identify the man who fell from a bridge to his death with a bizarre collection of items in his pockets.

The unidentified man plummeted from Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge into the River Avon in May 1996.

He sadly suffered catastrophic injuries – making attempts to identify him difficult..

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But after 27 years, a charity has launched a new effort to solve the mystery, but very few clues are available – mostly coming from the unusual items found on him after the fall.

In his pocket, the mystery man had items including a book of Batman stories, a Bible, and a penny whistle and a packet of Silk Cut cigarettes.

A copy of Thomas More's 1516 book 'Utopia' – which was missing an outer cover and marked with the stamp 'property of West Glamorgan Council' – was also found.

The most crucial piece of evidence is a clear, passport-sized photo believed to be the man when he was younger, as reported by the Mirror.

A handwritten cardboard sign which said “Sleeping rough, thank you” was also found on his body.

The man is believed to have been between the ages of 25 and 35, and approximately six feet tall.

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He was white, with collar-length brown hair, blue eyes, of medium build and according to police had a distinctive mole on his cheek.

At the time he was found, he was wearing blue jeans, a black sweatshirt and a black leather jacket.

It's believed he could have been a part of Bristol's squatting community and also had in his possession an A-Z map of Britain, a London Shopper bag and a Eurohike Adventure guide map.

His other possessions include a black sleeping bag, green towel, blue umbrella, black corkscrew, a blank Barclays bank giro slip, three disposable razors, a shaving stick, Lynx body spray, a yellow toothbrush, a tin opener, a red penny whistle, a white cup, and £6.61 in cash.

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A travel card found on the body contained photos clearly showing the victim, without listing the individual's name.

The case was closed by Avon and Somerset Police when it was referred to the coroner, following no suspicious circumstances found.

Now, Locate International has released a new image of the man created by forensic artist Hew Morrison.

The new pictures show him as he may have looked at the time of his death, as the passport photo he was carrying is believed to be old.

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"We believe he must have been visiting somewhere or travelling around," said Dave Grimstead, Locate International's CEO and co-founder.

"So we're confident someone, somewhere must have interacted with him, or remembered him. That might have been in the Bristol area or anywhere else in the UK.

"Ask yourself if this is someone you encountered – maybe on the street, busking with a penny whistle, or while travelling around the country. He could well have been an interesting and memorable man to talk to, with a range of interests, so someone out there must remember meeting him."

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