‘Russian Popeye’ wobbles gnarly fake biceps after he’s ‘hospitalised for 7 days’

A man nicknamed “Russian Popeye” has shown off his massive fake biceps, as he undertook a hefty arm-wobbling session after reportedly being hospitalised.

Kirill Tereshin earned the unusual moniker because of his large oil-injected enhancements.

He’s now put out a pair of posts on TikTok putting his arms front and centre.

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In one of the videos, soundtracked by Gustavo Bravetti’s Babel, Kirill said: “I was sick for 7 days in the hospital”.

It’s not immediately clear why Kirill was in the hospital, or indeed if he did in fact go.

Then, in a more recent post, he followed up with a second post where he sat for 15 seconds, a maniacal look on his face, wobbling his arms.

With a Gucci t-shirt, a watch on each wrist and his arms well jiggled, Kirill then leaned into the camera and blew out, making his lips vibrate and a small amount of spit fire out of his mouth.

He then looks into the camera like one might trying to look at a spot.

People have been commenting on the posts, often astonished by the strange nature of the arms.

“Ain't those painful,” one person asked.

“I’ve seen photos of a person that did this and his arm split open. Also [a] few ppl have [skull emoji].”

Others went for a slightly different approach – replying to Kirill’s second post one person said: “This always makes me feel so good inside!”

“Looking healthy brother,” added another.

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