Loch Ness Monster hunters hear noises but ‘realise recorder was not plugged in’

Loch Ness Monster hunters hearing sounds from the lake were excited by their discovery before realising their recorder was "not plugged in".

The descent of dozens onto the body of water has yielded ground-breaking results nobody will hear again after four researchers forgot to fire up their device.

Nessie hunters had proof of the elusive creature's existence right in their hands, but not on tape as they believed following a botched recording incident at the historic Highlands site.

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Around 200 people showed up to the Loch in search of the alleged beast deep beneath the waters, with teams searching through 56 kilometres of water.

One of the notable moments of the search, which has seen groups pick over the 240m deep body of water as best they can, was scuppered by electronical malfunctions.

A group volunteering on behalf of the Loch Ness Exploration had uncovered mysterious "gloops" in the water, however were left too "excited" to check if everything was in working order.

Alan McKenna, one of the researchers on the boat at the time, says nobody hit record on their equipment, with the "gloops" now lost, LADBible reported.

Mr McKenna said: "We all got a bit excited, ran to go make sure the recorder was on and it wasn't plugged in."

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Despite the brush with proof of Nessie's existence, the event has proven a positive one for those who still believe in the elusive creature's existence.

Alan added: "We've had people from Spain, France, Germany and we had a Finnish couple. We've had news teams from Japan, Australia, America and it has been really good.

"We've all kind of banded together. It's been fantastic."

The Daily Star previously reported the monumental search for the alleged Loch monster, with fellow researchers using a hydrophone system to capture noises from the deep, should they remember to hit record.

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