Sky TV drops its fastest broadband to its lowest EVER price

Sky has cut the price of its full-fibre 900Mbps broadband plan to just £49.50 per month. This discounted price lasts for the entire 18 months of your contract too – saving you £153!

Slow broadband is extremely frustrating – especially if you work from home, have a busy household with multiple people trying to stream Netflix, play online multi-player, make video calls, or download big files that can take hours before they’re ready to access.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a lightning-quick full-fibre broadband connection, look no further than Sky.

While it might be best known for satellite telly, Sky has just dropped its fastest full-fibre broadband plan to its “lowest ever” price – saving you a total of £153 over the course of the 18-month contract.

The limited-time sale means you’ll pay just £49.50 per month to unlock download speeds of 900Mbps. That’s around 12x faster than the average home broadband connection in the UK. At these speeds, you’ll be able to download a feature-length movie in minutes.

Check if your home is connected to the ultimate Sky Broadband speeds

Sky usually a whopping £58 a month for its 900Mbps internet, meaning you’ll save more than £150 over the year thanks to the new deal. Amazingly, you’ll enjoy the discounted rates for the duration of your contract too.

Sky hasn’t revealed when its latest broadband discount will end …but the company is unlikely to keep its lowest ever price around for much longer. 

But that’s not the only deal being offered by Sky at the moment. You can find out even more about the best Sky deals or keep reading on for what it has to offer.

What other Sky broadband offers are there?

If those speeds sound a bit overkill to you or if the monthly bill is too much, there are plenty of other options that you can consider.

Sky also has a number of limited deals on other broadband packages including standard 36Mbps speeds for £26 per month – saving £8.50.

There’s also Sky’s 145Mbps which is currently reduced to £29.50 for a limited time – this service usually costs £38.

All of the deals above are based on an 18-month contract so make sure you are happy to sign up for that length of time before hitting the buy button.


  • DEAL PRICE: £49.50
  • USUAL PRICE: £58
  • SPEEDS: 900Mbps


  • DEAL PRICE: £29.50
  • USUAL PRICE: £38
  • SPEEDS: 145Mbps


  • DEAL PRICE: £34.50
  • USUAL PRICE: £26
  • SPEEDS: 36Mbps

Sky isn’t the only company that has launched a broadband offer at the moment.

BT is offering 50% off the first 5 months of your contract when you sign up for its full-fibre broadband packages, including the Full Fibre 100, Full Fibre 500 or Full Fibre 900Mbps bundles. That means you could be paying as little as £17.49 for 100Mbps or £27.49 a month for 900Mbps. Unfortunately, after the initial five months – you’ll be forced to pay full price.

That said, this still offers a substantial discount. Unlike Sky Broadband, BT has a minimum contract term of 24-months, so you’ll have to endure two annual price rises with these bundles before you’re able to switch to another offer. As such, Sky still offers incredible value.

Sky has cut the price of its full-fibre 900Mbps broadband plan to just £49.50 per month. This discounted price lasts for the entire 18 months of your contract too – saving you £153!


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