‘Possible Bigfoot’ pictured as dog goes crazy and ‘weird skunk smell’ fills air

A bloke thinks he might have snapped a photograph of Bigfoot after some strange events in the woods.

Samuel Polischuk shared his images to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group, explaining they were taken on top of a cliff in Tucker County, West Virginia, US.

"Not sure if this is what I thought it was," he said.

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Samuel explained his pet dog was "acting really strange" and that there was a "weird skunk-like smell" in the air before he spotted what he suspects could be a Sasquatch.

Many people who claim to have come across Bigfoot report a similar smell. In fact, in some parts of America the beast is referred to as the Skunk Ape.

Zack Hall, a producer on TV show Expedition Bigfoot, described it as "like a moist, wet dog but mixed with that gamey smell everyone talks about".

Samuel's images show a dark brown and black shape peering over a rocky outcrop on top of a mound. Explaining more about his encounter, he said in the comments: "My girlfriend was freaked out and wanted to get out of there.

"I'm not a Bigfoot hunter. I was walking through the woods in West Virginia, south of Blackwater falls.

"Don't know exact location, I'm not from there.. it freaked us all out and we got out of the area… like I said, I don't know if it was or wasn't."

Some people seemed convinced he had stumbled across the elusive beast. One comment read: "I see it… wow!!" Another said: "Yup dats bigfoot." While a third said: "It looks like a profile of a face on the left side."

Others, however, weren't so sure with "dog", "bear" and even "porcupine" among the popular suggestions for what it could be.

Even less exciting still, another person suggested: "Looks like the underside of a fallen tree's root system." But Samuel insisted in a reply: "You can make out eyes, nose, brownish hair."

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