Only those with eagle-eyed vision can spot the butterfly in this brainteaser

Brainteasers are a great way to push the brain to its limits and give one of the body’s most important organs some exercise.

They can come in a range of forms including analytical and observational. This brainteaser from QUIZ is observational.

It features a field full of brightly coloured flowers sitting on a green grass background. Your task is to find the butterfly hidden among all the flowers.

According to the team behind the brainteaser, it takes people an average of 66 seconds to find the butterfly.

Can you beat the average the find the butterfly under that magic target?

Did you spot the butterfly? No worries if not, the answer is above. The little butterfly was sitting just above the bottom left-hand corner of the graphic.

While brainteasers may be a great distraction on a commute or whilst waiting in line for concert or coffee, they could have long term benefits.

Just like running, cycling, or swimming exercises the body to keep it fit, brainteasers, crosswords, and sudokus help exercise the mind to keep it fit.

The fitter the mind is, the less likely someone is to develop a disease like dementia. This isn’t to say that brainteasers will stop someone from getting dementia, other factors can play a role, but they could help.

Dementia is one of the most common diseases in the UK. Data suggests there will be a wave of patients in the future as one in three people born today will develop the disease in their lifetime.

According to reports, the NHS is expecting a wave of new patients, but charities say they’re not diagnosing enough people.

Speaking to the Express, Dr Susan Mitchell said: “We currently only diagnose two-thirds of people who are developing dementia.

“I’m really glad that more people want to come forward but we need to make sure the system is ready because it’s not in a great state now.”

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