Brit prison being ‘run by Satan’ with possessed staff and ‘unseen forces’

A British prisoner has claimed that a notorious prison that once housed ex-TV presenter turned cocaine dealer Johnny Vaughn is “run by the devil”.

HMP Stocken is a Category C prison based in Stretton, Rutland.

It has capacity to hold 1,056 lags – one of which has claimed that the prison is very haunted.

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In a letter written to the Inside Time prison magazine, the unnamed prisoner details about he has “lost count” of supernatural occurrences he has witnessed since being locked up 16 months ago.

He said: “Believe me when I say Stocken is being run for the devil himself.

“I have seen things moving on their own.

“In a single cell, my blanket was pulled off me by unseen forces, the cell phone has rung through the night, the cell bell has come on by itself countless times, and the room sometimes shakes amongst other things, yet no one else seems to notice anything.

“The devil is real, his time is now, and if things like this are happening to you, stay strong and keep praying, and don’t let anyone such as mental health convince you you’re crazy, because the paranormal cannot be explained by science.”

The prisoner than goes into a bit of a religious-based rant, and admits that his claims were put down to “mental health problems” by prison staff.

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The person running HMP Stockten is actually Neil Thomas, who appeared three years ago on a YouTube posted by the Church of England showing him taking part in a prayer session inside the prison.

If he was the devil, we're pretty sure that wouldn't have happened . . .

However, nearby Stocken Hall is known to be haunted, and the prison actually used it as a farm from the 1950s to the 1980s.

A “white lady” ghost is set to run around the attic of the building, while horrific sightings of a bloke hanging from a tree by a noose have also been spotted outside.

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