Horrified woman spots beloved dog playing with animal in garden – gets surprise

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    A woman was left completely stunned after realising her beloved pet dog had been playing with a dangerous wild animal in her back garden.

    Sandy Ali had some friends around to her house when one of them made a comment about her "dogs" playing together in the back garden.

    However, Sandy was left baffled as she only has one pet – named Rocco — so she rushed to check what was going on and was left horrified when she found her pooch was actually playing with a mountain lion.

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    CCTV footage caught the dog appearing to happily chase the wild cat around outside the house in Morada, California, US.

    Sandy claims she has lived in the area for several years she has never seen one of the animals so close to her home.

    Speaking to KCRA, she explained: “I was having a Bible study in our rec room. My friend looked out and said, ‘Oh your dogs are playing’ and I said, ‘I only have one dog.’”

    “[The mountain lion] is really beautiful. It just, in one leap, was up in the tree so quickly,” she said.

    She's relatively sure the mountain lion has moved on, she is still grateful to her dog for protecting the yard and for the quick, collaborative response from law enforcement in handling the matter.

    Worried about her neighbours she called 911 who sent responders from multiple agencies to try and catch the creature.

    After failing to tranquilise it, it jumped out of the tree and dashed into a nearby field and away.

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    The search for the wild cat continues and local police San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office has asked people to stay vigilant and to keep their pets indoors.

    “It was very surprising. It was very unexpected,” a neighbour told KCRA 3 News.

    Ali was grateful her pooch Rocco for protecting the garden and chasing after the wild cat.

    "I think Rocco proved that he can take care of himself," she said.

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