Most boring video on YouTube becomes a viral hit for two very big reasons

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    Watching a video about oil refineries may seem an unlikely internet sensation, but YouTubers just can't get enough of this three-minute clip.

    Filmed in 2012 the boring business infomercial has just gone viral with Reddit users helping it rack up thousands of views.

    The film, created by EPCM-psi, appears to be causing a stir due its very glamourous presenter.

    Dressed in a tight top its star, Juliana Morgan, explains about the process oil refineries go through when they need to make repairs or build new machinery.

    Although many of its 180,000 viewers have been left baffled by its content they just can't stop watching, with one YouTube users confessing: "Seen the video 17 times. I still don't know what is a turnaround."

    Whilst another said: "Been watching this video for a couple hours and have no idea what it's about :/"

    YouTube was recently criticised after a "porn" movie banned by the site reappeared.

    The X-rated movie, named Vagina Shaving Tutorial, shows full and uncensored footage of a naked woman in bath.

    It first appeared late last year and was viewed over three million times before being banned.

    Now the film has made a return, with a number of YouTube users posting copies online.

    The orginal clip caused outrage with many users commenting on how this type of content was allowed on YouTube.

    One shocked YouTube user commented: "Why is this porn not yet been removed?! Disgusting!"

    Whilst another added: "Since when did youtube allow this level of nudity?"

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