Randy couples are bonking in driverless robotaxis with ‘no boundaries’

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    San Francisco is the first US city where driverless taxis can transport paying passengers 24/7 – and randy couples have taken advantage by getting down and dirty in them.

    California regulators gave the green light on Thursday for two rival self-driving taxi companies, Cruise and Waymo, to expand their operations across the city.

    Driverless taxis were first introduced in San Francisco back in 2014 but Cruise was only able to charge for rides in certain parts of the city between 10pm and 6am and Waymo was required to have a human driver in the vehicle as well.

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    But the futuristic vehicles can now pick up passengers anywhere in the city at any time and regulators have scrapped their requirement for a human driver to be in the car.

    It marks a huge step in the expansion of driverless cars in the city — but also adds a huge benefit for some raunchy customers.

    The robotaxis have already been popular among couples who've taken advantage of the driver-free vehicles by having sex during their journey, The San Francisco Standard reports.

    The local outlet spoke to a couple, referred to as the alias' Megan and Alex to protect their identity, who recently had sex in one of the driverless vehicles.

    For Megan, who's in her 20s, it was her first time getting it on in one of the robotaxis.

    Describing the experience, she told them: “We got in and just got straight to it, making out. One thing led to another, and he made sure that I was taken care of, if you will. … I was like, ‘I have no underwear on, and I am ready to go in this kimono.'"

    But Alex, who's in his 30s was already experienced when it comes to Robotaxi sex.

    He claims he's performed at least six separate sex acts in the self-driving vehicles, including “full-on [sex], no boundaries activities” in a Cruise car a total of three times.

    “I mean, there's no one to tell you, ‘You can't do that.' It gets to the point where you're more and more and more comfortable, and if you're with someone, like a more serious partner, it can escalate to other activities," he said.

    The steamy sex sessions are no problem when you don't have a driver who needs to see out the windscreen.

    “It was really funny because [the Cruise] got quite hot and fogged up to the point that the windshield was completely fogged over—in any other context, in any other vehicle, that would be an actual problem,” Alex said.

    But the raunchy escapades do still come with a risk of being caught, with driverless taxi companies using video surveillance to monitor what goes down inside their vehicles.

    “We record video inside of the car for added safety and support,” Cruise states on its website. “If something happened during your ride, we might review the recording to better understand what happened. We only record audio during active support calls.”

    Alex was nervous they'd be caught out, he added: “I definitely have had anxiety post-situation the next day being like, ‘Oh that wasn’t the best idea.'"

    But cameras aren't the only things to be concerned about, as with all cars the driverless taxis have windows and that means the couple's activities were on full display for anyone they drove past.

    Alex revealed they were definitely caught in the act by at least one person.

    He said: “In one instance, an individual outside of the car, in another car, looked in and basically had an understanding of what was happening—and he smiled."

    But he claimed they didn't have a bad reaction, adding: “It was not like a negative reaction; it was almost humorous. Certain people have a different threshold of concerns about public ‘situations.’”

    For Megan, the idea of being caught just made it more exciting.

    “Was it the most comfortable? Was it the most ideal? Probably not. But the fact that we were out and about in public, the whole taboo of it being kind of wrong made it more fun and exciting," she said.

    They're not the only couple who've used the robotaxis for sex, with The San Francisco Standard speaking to four separate Cruise customers who've gotten hot and heavy in the driverless cars.

    And Megan and Alex said they'd both happily do it again.

    "I was just along for the ride, literally," Megan joked.

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