Only people with amazing eyesight can find the hidden smartphone in 7 seconds

At this time of year, thousands of people flock to the UK’s seaside towns to soak up the sun.

The impact of tourism on these seaside towns cannot be underestimated as hundreds of families help to boost the local economy.

Cornwall in particular is known to benefit from a summer boost every year when towns such as Newquay, Falmouth, St Ives, and Penzance are flooded with tourists.

The side effect of this tourism is traffic as hundreds of cars plough along the A30 and small roads in and around Cornwall and Devon.

As a result, this causes a lot of traffic. This is a perfect time to do a brainteaser to sharpen the mind. The question is whether you can solve our seaside brainteaser and find the iPhone in under 7 seconds.

Did you spot the iPhone in time? No worries if not, it’s behind the sandcastle in the bottom left-hand corner.

Brainteasers are a great way to test the mind and give it some exercise as you wait in traffic or in a queue outside a fish and chip in one of Cornwall’s famous towns.

While thousands of people benefit from Cornwall’s annual influx of people, not everyone enjoys the annual tourism cycle.

Earlier this year, one taxi company representative said the rise in traffic during the summer can make it harder for local people to get around.

A1 Cars’ Andrew Ward said: “The locals can’t even move their own cars and the traffic gets horrendous. You only need to look at the chaos by Truro.

“The whole of this end of Cornwall around Hale and down to Penzance can be a real nightmare with queuing traffic. We need the tourists, that’s the only problem…a lot of the locals would prefer fewer tourists.”

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