Tinder tests AI that selects users' best-looking photos

Having no luck on Tinder? Get a ROBOT to choose your photos: Dating app tests AI tool that selects users’ best-looking photos for their profiles

  • AI will look at a user’s photo album and pick five images to best represent them
  • Dating app’s hope is that it will enhance the chances of someone swiping right

Struggle to pick the best picture for your dating profile? Maybe a robot can help.

That’s because Tinder has just started testing a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that selects users’ best-looking photos for their profiles.

It studies a user’s photo album and selects the five images that best represent them in the hope of enhancing the chances someone will swipe right.

Bernard Kim, the chief executive of Tinder’s owner, Match Group, said the aim of the feature was to remove the stress that comes with having to choose a profile picture.

He added: ‘Sometimes, people are really excited to jump into the Tinder experience…then in that exact moment where you upload five pictures, people get generally nervous or uncomfortable, like, “What is the right picture that I’ve taken over the last year to make my dating profile more me?”‘ 

Update: Tinder has just started testing a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that selects users’ best-looking photos for their profiles



‘I really think AI can help our users build better profiles in a more efficient way that really do showcase their personalities.’

Kim said the feature was part of a series of initiatives that Match Group is planning to launch that use generative AI to ‘eliminate awkwardness’ and make dating more rewarding.

For example, Tinder is getting a new capability that leverages AI to ‘surface the right content to the right people to help improve relevancy,’ the company wrote in a letter to shareholders.

The language is not exactly clear but essentially means ways to reduce the number of left swipes. 

Tinder’s chief product officer Mark Van Ryswyk also suggested last month that the dating app may adopt AI to help users write their bios.

It is still in its infancy and only available in test market, but this would come up with a personalised text that is put together by studying the ‘interests’ and ‘relationship goals’ of a person’s profile.

‘You know, some of us are gifted writers, but many of us are not… So, being able to help draw out what’s important to capture in a bio, you know, sharing something a bit more personal or maybe that’s just sharing a highlight, or just sharing what your intent ultimately is,’ Van Ryswyk said.

He added that a recent Tinder study had shown that a third of its members would ‘absolutely’ use generative AI to help them build a profile. 

The feature studies a user’s photo album and selects the five images that best represent them in the hope of enhancing the chances someone will swipe right (stock image)

However, Kim cautioned that Match Group would be careful about its approach to AI dating amid fears that the tech could be used by scammers to create fake profiles to trick people. 

‘We need to be really thoughtful about making sure that we’re giving the right thought to authenticity and ethical and privacy concerns,’ he said. 

Three years ago the dating app announced plans to crackdown on catfishing with the help of AI.

It unveiled a photo verification feature to check that profile photos uploaded by users are genuine.  

Once a person’s photos have been verified, their profile is granted a blue checkmark icon so that other users can trust their appearance is genuine. 

Tinder is one of the world’s leading dating apps, which claims that it receives around two billion views per day and is responsible for around one million dates every week.

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