‘Human bear’ seen waving to crowds — but zoo chiefs insist it’s not a person

A zoo in China has been forced to double-down on its claims that one of its bears 'is not a person in costume' as another bizarre video has emerged showing it waving to spectators.

The sun bear, named Angela, originating from Malaysia, is one of the star attractions in Hangzhou Zoo, east China.

A video of the animal went viral on social media after it was spotted standing on its hind legs and gesturing like a human.

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Viewers couldn't believe that the animal was real as many speculated that it was a human in a costume after noticing its slender legs, baggy roles of fur around the hips and typically uncharacteristic behaviour.

But the rumours have only been fueled further as another video has emerged which appears to show the animal waving to crowds.

The clip, which has gained more than 87,000 views, was tweeted with the caption: "This is a real bear, not a human dressed in costumes!

"A four-year-old Malayan sun bear named Angela in a Hangzhou zoo went viral on China's social media as a video showed the world's smallest bear standing upright and waving to tourists just like a human."

However, people took to the replies unconvinced as one user said: "Its a dude inna suit….. not real. Bears cant stand up for that long. Definitely not in place like that."

Another added: "Those are definitely human gestures."

A third wrote: "Hooman no doubt."

But still the zoo insists that the animal is real as they responded from the perspective of the bear, writing: “Some people think I stand like a person. It seems you don’t understand me very well.

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“When it comes to bears, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge figure and amazing power … But not all bears are behemoths and danger personified. We Malayan bears are petite, the smallest bear in the world.”

The zoo also claims that a human inside a heavy costume would never survive the soaring summer temperatures of around 40C.

“If a person did wear a bear costume, they would be lying down within minutes due to the heat,” a spokesman said.

Sun bears are the size of large dogs, standing at most 1.3 metres tall on their hind legs, compared with up to 2.8 metres for grizzlies and other species, according to the zoo.

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