Secretive Pentagon group might have covered up aliens for decades

The covert intelligence group covering up UFOs: New documentary lifts lid on ‘Collins Elite’ – secret Pentagon group that believe craft buzzing around in our skies are ‘demonic’

  • Shadowy organization the ‘Collins Elite’ allegedly worked at air base
  • Pentagon group believes that aliens are demonic
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A film premiering next month will shine a light on a secret U.S. group which UFO researchers claim is helping to cover up the discovery of alien spacecraft.

The film, God versus Aliens, has interviews with two experts about the ‘Collins Elite’, a supposed secretive group within the U.S. military which has helped to cover up alien abductions and crashed spacecraft since the 1950s.

Speaking to, British director of the film Mark Christopher Lee said: ‘A lot of people know about Majestic 12, a supposed committee of military leaders and politicians interested in UFOs: it’s out there in pop culture, along with Area 51.

‘But two of my interviewees believe that this is a smokescreen, and the real organization is the Collins Elite, based in the Wright Patterson Air Base [in Ohio].

The Collins Elite are allegedly based or were based at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base 

The film’s director Mark Christopher Lee (Nub music) 

‘These people are said to work in a private organization on behalf of the government, because there are no freedom of information requests (FOIA) to private companies.’

The Wright Patterson Air Base was home to the Project Blue Book investigation into UFO reports which began in 1947 – and there have been previous rumors of a secret ‘UFO room’ at the base.

Lee told that his interviewees – UFO author Brian Allan and alleged abductee Tony Topping – suggest that the members of the Collins Elite believe that aliens are demonic, or wish to label them as being so.

Both suggest that the Collins Elite has worked to suppress information about UFOs, claiming UFOs to be demonic or Satanic in origin.

In the film, Brian Allan, who also serves as an editor for Phenomena Magazine, says: ‘The Americans established an agency, the Collins Elite. I’ve spoken to one of the guys who they approached, Anglican Pastor Ray Boeche.

‘The Defense Intelligence Agency were looking at this demonic element, and they labelled these sorts of aliens as ‘non human entities’. They believed that there was a demonic component to the UFO phenomenon: they are not invading us, it’s Biblical.’

Tony Topping believes that the group’s conclusions come from some of its members’ origins in right-wing Christian evangelism, and suggests that the group may have access to crashed alien spacecraft. 

Tony Topping spoke to the film–maker (Nub music) 

Hundreds of UFOs have been spotted all over the world 

Topping believes that the work of the group may mean that aliens are portrayed as demonic or evil if the U.S. government ever reveals more information about UFOs to the world.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual says that the ideas that supposedly motivated the Collins Elite may have continued within the Pentagon.

Watson, who was not involved in the film, told that Luis Elizondo, the former Director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the Pentagon, claims an unnamed senior official told him that he should stop investigating UFOs because they are Satanic.

Watson said: ‘The Collins Elite seems to have been an unofficial and informal group inside the Pentagon, who regarded aliens as demonic.

‘There is no hard evidence for such ideas, and it is worrying that small secretive groups within US Government agencies with such beliefs could have an undue influence on policies and actions based on mere rumour and speculation.

The film also includes an interview with Harvard professor Avi Loeb who recently claimed to have salvaged what he believes might be alien technology from an object that fell into the sea in 2014

‘We have already seen this with the pressure to have alien disclosure based on the suppositions of a handful of campaigners inside and outside the US government.

Watson says, ‘Those with a religious viewpoint are likely to regard UFOs as Satanic and Reverend Paul Inglesby backin 1978 wrote a book on the subject: UFOs and the Christian, where he warned that the subject was riddled with falsehoods and the unwary. 

‘He even warned the Queen that she should not attend the premiere of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, because it featured mind control and ungodly aliens.’

Lee says that the film includes both sceptical and more ‘out there’ perspectives, ranking theories around the Collins Elite among the ‘out there’ theories.

There is no documentary evidence for the existence of such a group.

The film also includes an interview with Harvard professor Avi Loeb who recently claimed to have salvaged what he believes might be alien technology from an object that fell into the sea in 2014.

Loeb claims in the film that extraterrestrials will probably send AI drones to Earth, rather than ‘manned’ vehicles – which could mean that the drones make ‘first contact’ with AI systems on Earth.

Seth Shostak of the SETI project contributed to the film (Nub music)

Loeb suggests that the alien machines might feel ‘kinship’ with AIs they meet on Earth.

The film includes an interview with Seth Shostak of the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) project.

Shostak says that advancing technologies – including AI-powered sky scans – will mean that aliens will be found by 2036 (he has previously placed a famous bet that this will happen).

The film also examines the likely impact of alien ‘first contact’ on world religions, with Shostak suggesting that aliens might bring new gods with them – and that if they are more technologically advanced, people on Earth might worship the new alien gods.

Lee, a musician with band The Pocket Gods who also produces the TV show Nub TV, says the film is a passion project, as he is a Christian fascinated by the paranormal.

He believes the project is very timely.

Lee says, ‘What’s happening in America at the moment with disclosure in US Congress and whistleblowers coming forward, some very credible people that work for the US government that are willing to testify under oath that there is something unusual, unexplained.’

‘God versus Aliens’ is released on August 10 via Sky Television in Britain and worldwide via Nub TV on

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