Only those with the best eyesight can solve this tricky seaside brainteaser

As Europe continues to swelter under one oppressive heatwave after another, hundreds of Britons are changing their plans and choosing to spend their summer holidays on the UK’s coastline.

As a result, seaside towns like St Ives, Falmouth, Brighton, Sheringham, and Cromer, are being flooded with tourists looking to spend a week in the sun.

The rise in tourist numbers during the busy holiday season will come with a massive boost to the local seaside economies as July turns into August.

To celebrate the end of July and mark the coming of what could be a warmer August, has designed this special brainteaser.

Your task is to see whether you can spot the odd house in the dazzling brainteaser above.

Did you spot the odd house out? No worries if not. Look closely at the bottom right-hand corner of the image and you’ll see it.

Brainteasers and other brain puzzles such as crosswords are a great way to stretch the mind and push it to its limits.

While the UK has experienced a tumultuous and often wet July, there is hope that August could bring better weather.

Speaking to, weather expert Phil Morrish said: “There will be another seven to 10 days of this unsettled weather as the jet stream comes in from the west giving us periods of rain and showers and moderate temperatures of 20C in the south and 17 to 18C in the north.

“August 7-14 looks warmer with sunnier conditions as the jet stream moves north allowing high pressure from the south to build up.

“Between August 10-14 normal temperatures of 20 – 25C in the south. The third week of August will see more warmth, 25C to perhaps 30C if high pressure takes hold.

“There’ll be one more week of unsettled conditions, then becoming more settled. It’s getting better after six weeks of unsettled weather. By the third week of August, the whole country will be more settled.”

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