Asda stocks new Fire TV rival and it offers a cheaper way to watch telly

If you fancy upgrading your current telly then a trip to Asda could be a good idea with the supermarket now selling a new Roku-powered smart telly for a very reasonable price. Amazon introduced its smart Fire TVs to the UK earlier this year with these impressive screens offering an easy way to access popular streaming services without needing any additional devices.

This 32-inch 720p TV brings films and TV series to life in HD 720p resolution, with support for HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Audio. Thanks to the brilliant Fire TV software, you’ll get quick access to live TV channels, streamers like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+, as well as video games, music, and video call apps like Zoom

Now the online retailer is facing some stiff competition with Asda announcing that it has begun selling a new smart telly that’s powered by Roku.

The Polaroid Roku TV features a giant 55-inch 4K display along with full access to popular apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Prime Video right from the home screen.

Along with those paid services, owners will find plenty of free content to watch as well including shows from The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the Roku Channel.

This telly should also offer some impressive visuals thanks to upgrades such as Dolby Vision which boost the colours and contrast plus there’s Dolby Audio for better sound.

Those with Apple gadgets will also be able to beam content straight from their devices to the big screen thanks to Airplay 2 compatibility.

If that sounds enticing then you should find it in some Asda stores for a price of £349.

“This summer, Asda customers can upgrade their home entertainment and catch every unmissable TV moment with these new Polaroid Roku TV models,” said Bart Bomers, VP EMEA at Roku. “Roku TV models are designed with ease in mind, with a simple home screen, powerful search function, and automatic software updates with new features, so your TV experience gets even better over time.”

So how does that cost compare to Amazon’s screens?

Amazon’s tellies start from £249 but that only includes a 32-inch HD only screen.

To upgrade to 4K you’ll need to switch to a 4-Series model which start from £429.99 for the 43-inch screen and rise to £549.99 for the bigger 55-inch display.

Those are the standard prices for Amazon’s Fire TVs but the firm currently has a sale on which does drop things considerably.

Here’s full pricing and deals available on Amazon’s screens.

Amazon Fire TV 2-Series • 32-inch
WAS £249.99 – NOW £179.99

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series • 43-inch
WAS £429.99 – NOW £279.99

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series • 50-inch
WAS £499.99 – NOW £329.99

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series • 55-inch
WAS £549.99 – NOW £379.99

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