Body of missing farmer discovered inside belly of huge 14ft crocodile

The body of a farmer has been discovered inside an enormous 14ft crocodile following a four-day search for the man.

Addi Bangsa, 60, had been missing for four days, with his worried family seeking any information on the whereabouts of their loved one.

Their search in Tawao, Malaysia, has come to a tragic end however as the elderly man was found in the stomach of a 14ft behemoth crocodile.

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Representatives of the Sabah Wildlife Department brought the search to a tragic close after they cut open the stomach of the massive reptile and found the remains of Bangsa inside the beast.

It is currently unknown how investigators or search parties knew the body would be found inside of the crocodile.

Said parts which were found inside of the now dead animal were confirmed to be that of Addi Bangsa, with examinations confirming his identity.

Tawau Fire and Rescue Station chief Jemishin Ujin has confirmed the deceased's family members were present at the time of the crocodile's stomach cutting.

The animal was shot before being cut open, where the remains were found and later confirmed to be the missing farmer, calling time on a four-day search for the 60-year-old man.

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Chief Ujin confirmed the fourth day of the search saw his team informed by a fellow rescue team of a male crocodile which was believed to have swallowed the victim.

Further investigations confirmed the sighting of the animal and its involvement in the death of Bangsa.

The reptile was shot at around 3am on Saturday, July 22, with the stomach cut open hours later with the family present to see the gutting of the animal which ate their relative.

Operations in the search party concluded at 11am when the body was recovered from the crocodile, which is believed to have weighed around 126 stone and measured in at 14 feet in length.

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