Florist left terrified after severed penis found in box with sinister warning

A florist has been left shocked and appalled after a severed penis was left outside their shop in Mexico.

A mysterious box was left outside of the Rosas de Los Mochis flower shop in the center of Los Mochis, northwest of Mexico City, earlier this month.

The anonymous owner called the police, initially expecting the package to be a bomb.

But its contents was much more surprising when bomb squad members discovered the severed body part.

The box it was left in was adorned with a funeral wreath, and came with a sinister note reading: “The reflection of your actions. So you can educate yourself and get off my balls.”

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The National Guard and the Mexican Army carried out several tests on the x-rated package, but the original owner of the phallus has not been identified.

Unfortunately for the florist owner, this isn’t the first disturbing package that has been left at their doorstep.

The florist has also found mannequins in sinister set ups, including one depicting Our Lady of Holy Death.

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The strange incident comes just a few months after an intense shootout between police and gang members close to the shop.

Authorities were forced to flee the scene after the gang overwhelmed them.

It is unknown at this stage if the incidents at the florist are related to the criminal gang.

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