Your Sky TV box just got a brilliant new hidden feature – here’s how to find it

If you’re constantly losing your Sky remote then the firm’s latest update will help end the nightmare of changing channels and pumping up the volume. A major upgrade is currently being released to users across the UK which will instantly transform their smartphones into a virtual remote. Yes, you can forget hunting behind the cushions for that plastic accessory, instead, just grab your iPhone (Android devices are getting it at a later date) and you’ll have full control over what is on the screen.

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The changes are all part of an update to the Sky Go app with users now able to find the virtual remote in the Settings menu of the application.

As long as you have the latest versions of Sky Go installed, make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Sky box then head tap on the cog icon in the top left-hand corner of the display and scroll down to Sky Q Remote.

This will then instantly launch the virtual controller on the screen.

From your phone, you can change channels, record shows, hit the red button, pump up the volume, pause live TV, whizz through recordings and even switch off the box.

Posting on its forum pages, Sky said: “We have a new update to Sky Go, which includes a virtual Sky Q remote! This new version also has a dark mode for accessibility customers and a new configurable home page. This is a phased rollout plan to customers, with the rollout scheduled to be completed by the 17th July. “

Sky has also confirmed that it hopes to make the virtual remote a little easier to find in the future with it appearing the header area of the app rather than buried in the Settings menu.

It’s worth noting that this feature is only available to customers using an Apple device with an iOS version of 13 or above.

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Of course, if you use Android or don’t have a newer iPhone there is another way to track down your remote. Pressing the Q logo on the front of the set-top box will set off the alarm that’s tucked inside the controller.

This should help you locate it after it’s dropped down the side of the sofa or disappeared behind the cushions.

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