People spot ‘glitch in the Matrix’ as woman appears stuck in loop on busy street

A woman appears to be stuck on a loop in the middle of a busy street which some believe is a "glitch in the Matrix".

An eerie 19-second clip shared on social media, shows a woman taking photos of herself with a digital camera as she stood behind a car wearing a winter coat, jeans and a handbag.

She appeared to be grinning as she took the shot before turning the device around to check the photo which would have appeared normal, had she not been doing it over and over again every few seconds.

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But viewers also felt uneasy when they noticed that no other part of her body or face was moving as only her wrist was moving as she flicked the camera back and forth.

Her arm stayed outstretched in the same position for the full length of the video, which has since gained more than 2.2million likes since being shared by @gl1tch1nth3m4tr1x.

In the caption, the spooked TikTok user, who posts so-called "evidence" of a real-life Matrix, claimed the woman appeared "stuck in a loop".

Viewers took to the comments claiming that the clip was a "glitch" in a simulation that some conspiracy theorists believe we live in.

One user declared it to be a "BUG in the Matrix".

Another wrote: "This what you call a non-playable character! Everything is a simulation".

A third said: "The matrix is real".

A fourth commented: "Simulation crashing".

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However, sceptics argued that the woman was just checking the photos and there was nothing unusual about the clip.

A user penned: "She's just checking each photo she takes…"

Another added: "For all ya know she could be stuck in a tic or her brain is misfiring."

"She just having fun..," a third argued.

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