Can you spot Queen Elizabeth II in under 10 seconds?

When Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, it marked the end of Britain’s second Elizabethan era.

Around the world, millions mourned the only monarch many of them had ever known.

The love for the Queen in the UK was so great that several thousand people queued for more than 12 hours to walk past her coffin in Westminster Abbey.

Ahead of her Platinum Jubilee, ICON Printing created this London-themed brainteaser. Your task is to try and find the Queen in under 10 seconds.

Scan the rows and columns of the buildings, guards, and London taxis carefully to spot the famous monarch.

Did you find Queen Elizabeth II? No worries if not, the famous monarch can be found in the image above.

As one brainteaser celebrates the nation’s previous Queen, today the country celebrates its latest monarch. Today marks Queen Camilla’s 76th birthday, her first birthday since she was crowned Queen on May 6.

As part of the highly-anticipated celebrations, a 41-gun salute in London marked the occasion. Ahead of the salute, the Royal Parks advised dog walkers to stay away from the area.

They said: “Please avoid the area at this time if you are walking a dog as the gunfire is very loud and can be startling”

Her husband, King Charles, also wished his wife a happy birthday. In a post shared on the Royal Family’s social media accounts, the monarch said: “Wishing Her Majesty The Queen a very Happy Birthday today!”

The Prince and Princess of Wales also said happy birthday to Queen Camilla. Writing on their social media they said: “A very happy birthday to Her Majesty The Queen!”

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