Armed 8-year-old carjacker led cops on chase – picking up two passengers on way

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    Police have arrested an eight-year-old boy after he allegedly held up a driver at gunpoint and took their car.

    Following a police chase that ended with the child crashing the stolen car into another vehicle and fleeing on foot, the boy was taken into custody at the Montgomery County Youth Detention Facility in Alabama.

    He has been charged with first-degree robbery, attempting to elude, and firearm possession.

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    Major Saba Coleman of the Montgomery Police Department told reporters that his officers had responded to reports of a car theft at approximately 11am on Tuesday and were told that a child had stolen a victim’s car at gunpoint.

    After putting out an alert with a description of the car, police spotted the vehicle driven by the armed 8-year-old and attempted to pull it over, but the pint-sized criminal refused to stop.

    The stolen car eventually collided with another vehicle. The suspect attempted to flee on foot but police managed to detain the child, and turned him over to juvenile justice authorities.

    An eyewitness to the bizarre events, who gave his name as “Snake” Knapp, told local news station WSFA: “When I realised it was a little boy, I knew I had to follow them and make sure no one got hit and that he got caught because don’t want him driving all over Montgomery, causing more accidents or hurting himself or hurting other people”

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    Mr Knapp added that at one point he saw the child pick up two adult passengers during the car chase.

    "I think parents just really need to know where their kids are, what their kids are doing, and just talk to them about these kinds of things,” he said.

    Another tiny joyrider was detained by US police in May this year, when a 10-year-old took a 2017 Buick Encore belonging to a relative in Saginaw County with the apparent intent of visiting his mother in Detroit.

    In a dash cam video released by Michigan State Police, the car can be seen driven erratically as it drifts from one lane to another along a busy interstate.

    Officers used OnStar technology to disable the stolen vehicle and bring it to a halt.

    "Thankfully, nobody was injured in this incident," police wrote on Twitter.

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