Odd mutant chick that has a second pair of legs dubbed ‘natural gift from God’

A weird mutant chick born with four legs has been described as a gift from God.

The odd-looking animal belongs to a farmer in Turkey – but apart from its extra pair of limbs, it seems to be perfectly normal.

All four legs are in working order. It appears to stand on its two main legs, with the other two slightly off the ground, and it’s just as active as farmer Servet Basaran’s other baby chickens.

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Servet said: “This is the first time we have experienced such a thing, but there are no problems with its development.

“It is something natural given by God. He doesn't have any problems, his feet are developing normally.

“It continues its normal life and does not have any problems.”

It’s not yet known if Servet will keep the chick as a pet on his farm in the Haymana district of Ankara or whether it’ll meet the same fate as its buddies.

It’s also not known if the chick would pass on its deformity to any offspring should it be allowed to breed in future.

Strange mutations happen from time to time in nature. Sometimes it’s part of an evolutionary process, sometimes it’s down to things such as pollution, and other times it’s just a weird genetic accident.

Back in 2018, a chicken was born with four legs in rural India. As well as its two normal legs, it had two more than fangled behind it.

Owner Javed Ali, from Rojhada, Betul, in the north of the country, said the freakish little bird had received many visitors, and he’d been offered the equivalent of about £50 for it but he wanted to keep it himself.

Despite the awe expressed by locals, Kamlesh Ahirwar, a professor of zoology based in Betul, said at the time that such incidents were normal in nature, and the little bird's unusual appearance was not a miracle.

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