Woman thought she’d won £76m jackpot before realising stupid mistake

A woman thought she'd won a life-changing sum in the lottery until she realised she'd made a terrible mistake.

Aishwarya took to TikTok to share the devastating tale, claiming she was initially speechless after she thought she'd won.

In the video she explained she'd bought a Powerball ticket in Adelaide, Australia, on a whim as she was "feeling lucky" before seeing what she thought were the winning numbers that matched her ticket.

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"I think I just f***ing won the lottery," she said. "My heart. I'm not even f***ing joking."

However, Aishwarya's excitement quickly turned to laughter when she realised the matching numbers were just the draw number, and not the winning figures.

Aishwarya laughed: "I'm so dumb. The way I had it planned out, I was going to donate some to charity, buy another house, I was gonna, you know, travel, quit my job.

"What possessed me to think I would have won? This is why I don't play the lottery."

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The jackpot Aishwarya mistakenly thought she'd bagged was worth more than £76m ($100m AUD), so she was horrified to learn she'd actually won nothing.

Aishwarya's viral TikTok, posted on June 22, has racked up a whopping 11.7k views and more than 350 likes at the time of writing, with followers rushing to comment their support.

One wrote: "We've all been there, honey girl."

Another said: "You made me laugh out loud! But I hope you the best of luck for the next lottery game!!"

"That’s ok better luck next time," a third chimed in, while a fourth added: "AINT NO WAY I’d be silent for days."

Aishwarya may not have had much luck this time around, but others have been more fortunate.

Earlier this week two Brits won an equal share of an eye-watering £62m Euromillions jackpot, totalling £31m each and bringing the number of UK winners in the draw to five this year alone.

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Andy Carter, senior winners' adviser at The National Lottery, said: "What an amazing night for UK EuroMillions players as two winners have shared tonight’s life-changing £62m EuroMillions jackpot."

The winners have yet to be identified, and Carter urged players to check their tickets in case they've pocketed the cash.

"Players are urged to check their tickets and to give us a call if they think they are one of tonight’s lucky winners," he added.

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