Mystery corpse washed up on beach has people convinced mermaids are real

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    Beach-goers have been left utterly stumped after finding the rotting remains of an apparent mermaid.

    The strange find was stumbled upon on Keppel Sands in Queensland, Australia by Bobbi-Lee Oates.

    She thought she had found a dead body, or a new species which she proceeded to take pictures of.

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    The remains appear to show a long body, ribcage and spine – and is thought to be around six feet long.

    She said: “We were driving along the beach looking for a campsite, and we couldn't help but notice how much the skull looked to be in the shape of a human’s.

    “So we instantly stopped from the confusion as to what the hell could this be, and why does this look like a human skull?

    “It had a human-shaped skull with an elongated jawline, and hair similar to the colour of a cow or kangaroo, but with hair missing in many places due to decomposition.

    “It was exactly like a mermaid shape, but hairy, because it seemed to have a tail or limb of some sort – we were shocked because it looked human to start with.”

    “Then we were excited because I thought we had discovered a miracle new species – we were overwhelmed and surprised.”

    However, her excitement was short lived when she she took to Facebook to try to identify what it was.

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    Although a few claimed that it was, in fact, a mermaid, several others said that it was a duogong – not the Pokemon, the sea mammal.

    A UK-based expert examined the photos, and was able to narrow it down to a group of mammals that includes whales, orcas, dolphins and porpoises.

    Rob Deaville, chief at the Zoological Society of London, said: “Definitely looks like a small cetacean to me.

    “I'm not familiar with the area nor which species are normally found there, so can't really take it any further than that.”

    For Bobbi-Lee, it remains a mystery.

    She said: “I still have not found out what it was.

    “I was hoping someone would comment saying what it was, but the comments were all so different.

    “And I wasn't really sold on any of them – especially considering some they said are not even in our waters.”

    She added: “I have never seen anything in my life like this.

    “It just didn't look like anything realistic to me.”

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