Get Amazon Echo for under £3 with incredible Prime Day hack

Looking for the best Prime Day deal? Well, you’ve found it.

For a very limited time, you can snag an Echo Pop for a frankly ludicrous £2.54. That’s less than a takeaway coffee on your morning commute! Amazon usually charges £44.99 for the all-new Echo Pop, which launched back in May 2023 with a stylish circular design, bright selection of colours, and access to all of the usual tricks with the chatty Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon Prime Day ends at 11.59pm tonight, so you haven’t got long left to secure this mind-boggling deal.

Here’s how to secure the mammoth £42 discount….

First up, you’ll need to sign-up for money-saving website TopCashback, which offers new customers a £15 discount on their first purchase from select retailers, including Amazon UK. To qualify for the generous discount, you’ll need to make a purchase of £15 or over …and as luck would have it, Amazon has slashed the cost of the Echo Pop down to just £17.99 in its annual Prime Day sale.

With the one-off £15 discount from TopCashback, the price plummets to just £2.99. But the good news doesn’t end there as you’ll still qualify for the 3% cashback that you can expect year-round from TopCashback, dropping the cost to roughly £2.54.

This mind-boggling bargain combines a £15 discount code from TopCashback with the latest Echo Pop price cut in the Amazon Prime Day sale – dropping this new Alexa-powered speaker from £44.99 down to under £3! 

For less than the price of a supermarket meal deal, you’ll get a smart speaker capable of playing music, live radio stations, controlling smart lights and thermostats, answering general knowledge queries, making calls to friends and family with Alexa devices, ordering taxis and takeaways, and much more.

The deal is only possible because TopCashback has revived its incredible £15 new member bonus, which has previously been available during the Black Friday sales too.

To get the discount you simply need to sign-up as a new member with TopCashback.

If you’re not familiar with the website, TopCashback offers shoppers money back whenever they shop via their website. By clicking the link on TopCashback, rather than heading directly to the online retailer, you’ll get a portion of your total purchase returned to you. This can be withdrawn at any time via BACS transfer, PayPal, or by applying the funds to a gift card.

After joining you then need to visit the Amazon hub page on the TopCashback website.

Lookout for the ‘Get Cashback’ button next to Amazon Echo devices and click on that. You’ll be directed to the Amazon UK website, where you’ll find a sale underway with generous discounts on these clever smart speakers.

Complete your purchase of the Echo Pop as usual. Since this is a Prime Day deal, you’ll need to hold a valid Prime membership to get access to the deal (as well as next-day delivery at no extra cost). Fortunately, it’s easy to become a Prime member to take advantage of the discounts and deals in the sale, thanks to the 30-day free trial open to anyone. Cancel anytime and you’ll be charged nothing for the membership, which usually costs £8.99 per month, and you’ll get access to the discounted Echo Pop.

When you combined the one-off £15 new member discount code with the existing cashback rates on offer all-year from TopCashback, you’ll only have to fork out £2.54 to get an Echo Pop. If you’d tried to buy the same speaker last week, it would’ve cost you a whopping £44.99. That’s quite a saving!

After placing your order, the cashback you’ve earned will appear in your TopCashback account within seven working days. Once it’s appeared within your account, you can apply for a transfer using PayPal, BACS, or apply the funds to a gift card to spend online or on the high street.

TopCashback doesn’t just work with Amazon UK, but earns you cashback with dozens of the biggest online and high street brands, including the likes of Boots, Argos, and Currys.

On average, TopCashback claims its users earn around £300 in cashback each year. If you’re already kitted out with an Echo Dot, you can use the £15 new member sign-up bonus to get a discount on the latest Fire TV streaming dongles too.

This mind-boggling bargain combines a £15 discount code from TopCashback with the latest Echo Pop price cut in the Amazon Prime Day sale – dropping this new Alexa-powered speaker from £44.99 down to under £3! 

What can you do with an Echo Pop?

The Echo Pop is the newest entry-level smart speaker from Amazon, so if you’re looking to try out the Echo range and the Alexa assistant without breaking the bank this gadget is your best option. You can use your Echo Pop speaker for a wide-range of things, thanks to built-in AI assistant, Alexa.

Using the wake phrase (this notifies the smart speaker that you’re about to issue an order to the clever AI) “Alexa…” you’ll be able to check the latest forecast, traffic conditions, headlines, as well as get answers to general knowledge queries like the height of the Eiffel Tower, the age of a film actor, or the closing times of your nearest supermarket.

If you’ve got smart home equipment at home, you’ll be able to use Alexa to control lights, thermostats, video doorbells, home security systems, smart plugs, and more.

Dedicated Alexa Skills (this is what Amazon calls the applications that can be used with Alexa) are available for a popular services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Audible, while more niche, quirky or bespoke skills are also available such as apps that let you play trivia games, turn your smart speaker into a security device or send someone a virtual hug.

You can also use your Echo Pop to set reminders, alarms, or timers. You can make free over-the-internet calls to friends and family with Alexa devices in their home too.

Is there a monthly fee for Echo Pop?

There is no monthly fee for your Echo Pop – once you’ve made the initial purchase, it’s yours to use.

There’s no charge to use Alexa either. However, if you are planning on using your Echo device to play music you may want to subscribe to one of the supported streaming services such as Amazon’s Music Unlimited service, or Apple Music or Spotify.


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