Flying fish lept onto boat and stole woman’s phone as she posed for pic

A hilarious video has captured the moment a flying fish leapt onto a boat and snatched a woman's phone while she was posing for a photo op.

Footage shows two women sitting on a boat off the coast of Leyte province, the Philippines on June 19 as they posed for photos together.

The woman dressed in black was holding her phone in one hand and making a peace sign with her fingers when a 10-inch-long silver fish suddenly glided through the air over the boat.

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In the blink of an eye, the animal crashed into the handset, taking the phone with it as it plunged back into the ocean on the other side of the vessel.

The woman, Neressa Ursal Maquilan, looked down and was confused about where her phone had gone, only realising what happened when they watched back a video from their friend who was recording them at the time.

Neressa's relative Cha Ursal, who captured the incident, said: "We boarded a boat to the cemetery to pay respect to our departed aunt. What happened was so unexpected."

Cha added they asked the boat crew for help, who dived into the water to look for the phone but to no avail.

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She added: "Later that night, it was low tide. Someone found the phone on the shore and was returned to us.

"However, it was already broken from the water damage. My cousin's sister-in-law then bought her a new phone.

"So the incident became a blessing. It's rare for something to happen like this, so we feel special."

The news comes after a flying fish went from hero to zero in a matter of seconds in a brutal nature video.

The clip shows the fish leaping in and out of the water as a dangerous shadow can be seen trailing the fish under the blue, intent on making the flying guy dinner.

But the canny fish leaps out of the sea to avoid its clutches just in time.

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