Elle Brooke’s seven-word reaction to ‘weirdest’ racy request she keeps getting

Elle Brooke has revealed the weirdest thing horny blokes keep asking her to do online.

The OnlyFans legend turned boxer, 25, discussed the strange request on JOE's 'Everything You've Wanted To Ask' series on Instagram.

She explained: "I get so many, but the strangest one for me is that men will pay you to degrade them.

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"For example, being paid to tell someone to go and lick a toilet. That’s incredible."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how freaky the men who pay for her raunchy content can get.

She continued: "They’ll want more and weirder things – like, weirder, weirder, weirder. You have to use your brain and imagination on how to degrade a person.

"They’ll want videos of you showing pictures of their penis to your friends and laughing at them."

Offering a swift seven-word verdict on the degradation kink, Elle added: "How can you get off to that?"

It isn't the only time Elle has discussed weird fan requests. Speaking previously on James English's Anything Goes podcast, she revealed some of what she gets asked borders on madness.

She said: "Everyone's horny and they have fantasies, and they think that this person behind a keyboard – me – is just someone they can vent to.

"You get absolute creeps on there [OnlyFans].

"I get weird requests all the time, but weird to me is a completely different weird to you.

"I get asked to poo on camera, get raped by ghosts and do all kinds of weird things.

"People even like incest, like . . . eugh, you're gross."

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