Racy streamer Amouranth releases sex toy that’s moulded from her genitalia

A racy streaming star known as Amouranth has released her sex toy – modelled on her genitalia.

The Twitch star turned OnlyFans model previously made headlines for her steamy situations, from live streaming from a hot tub to selling her farts in a jar.

The 29-year-old is one of Twitch’s most-subscribed female streamers and has soared to success in recent years and reportedly has made millions with her steamy content.

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Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, has also made a small fortune letting her followers watch her sleep on live stream – earning between £7,800 and £11,700 ($10K-$15K) a month.

Earlier this year Amouranth promised her loyal fans an AI version of herself to “satisfy their needs” but has now launched a sex toy modelled on her own genitals.

She launched the product after being given the idea years earlier by fellow streamer Ludwig Anders Ahgren – known online as just Ludwig.

During an episode of Ludwig’s ‘The Yard’ podcast in November 2021, the YouTube streamer suggested the business venture for Amouranth.

During the stream, he referenced how other streamers had previously sold lines of sex toys through their social media sites including Twitch and OnlyFans.

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The Yard group even went as far as to give her ideas as to how she could market the product with a “How It’s Made” style video, as reported by the publication Dexerto.

Amouranth was immediately on board with the idea but said that she was hesitant to sell it through her Twitch at the time.

Now two years later, she launched her unique toy, called “Amouranth’s Assistant” on July 6.

It’s unclear if Ludwig had any involvement in the creation of the toy.

According to her store site, the product is part of a limited run and is being priced at $90 (£70).

The product is moulded from her own genitalia, is equip with a twisting base, and is complete with pressure controls.

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