Brits have spent over £250 fixing damage at home – that tech could have stopped

Homeowners have spent over £250 in the last five years on repairing or replacing damaged items in their home – which could have been saved by smart technology, a study has found.

Just 15%, of a poll of 2,000 adults on the property ladder, say they are aware that smart tech at home could prevent issues like accidental damage, or chaos caused by pets.

And while almost half (48%) say their home and their belongings are the most important things in their life – it emerged that 27% don't know how to make a claim on their home insurance policy.

One in five are unsure what they are covered for – and 21% admit they didn't read any of the T&Cs before signing their home insurance policy.

But 27% say that smart tech as a doorbell system, and indoor and outdoor CCTV, would make them feel less anxious about damage to their home.

And it emerged that fire damage, burglary, and water leaks are the top concerns when it comes to safety at home.

To mark the research, from Sky Protect, comedian Ellie Taylor has sat down for a fairytale storytime – with a twist.

The actress was filmed reading passages from Goldilocks and the Three Bears – but not the version we all know and love.

There's justice for the three bears following their break-in, as the intruder Goldilocks is caught on a live-stream on their indoor camera.

Meanwhile, in a reimagined version of Rapunzel, the heroine is saved from a bathroom leak by a heroic tradesman in a shining boiler suit.

Ellie Taylor, comedian, actor, and best-selling author, said: “Let’s be honest, insurance is traditionally pretty dull – so it’s been nice injecting a bit of fun into the topic of home insurance.

“When you think about the things that are most important in your life, you start to realise how important it is to have effective home protection in place.”

The study also revealed adults blame themselves as the biggest cause of home disasters, followed by mischievous pets and children's misadventures.

When it comes to their top priorities in life, 48% rank their home and belongings above wealth and career, according to the figures.

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However, homeowners admit to spending more time researching a mobile phone upgrade (three hours), or new furniture (five hours), than their home insurance (two hours).

Of those who have had damage to the home, but didn’t end up claiming on their home insurance, 42% didn’t think it was worth their time or effort – while 20% weren’t sure what they were actually covered for.

Home insurance also topped a list of the most boring things to talk about with other people – ahead of diets, traffic, and the weather.

Matt Poll, managing director at Sky Protect – a smart home protection service, offering comprehensive home insurance and smart home tech that work together in one app – said: “Our research underlines the concerns that many people have about keeping their home and belongings safe.

“There’s plenty that can go wrong, from pipes bursting to pets chewing up the sofa – and the sooner you can get a handle on it, the better.

“The results also highlight how millions of people across the country are totally disillusioned with their current home insurance.

“We want to get people reengaged, so we’ve used innovative tech to develop a service that customers can benefit from every single day.”

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