Bigfoot mystery set to be solved as ‘suspected hairs’ undergo bombshell DNA test

The Bigfoot mystery could finally be solved for good with a bombshell DNA study set to analyse hairs "suspected of being from Sasquatches".

Matthew Moneymaker, the president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation (BFRO) and star of Animal Plant television series Finding Bigfoot, revealed that the first-of-its-kind study was taking place in a Facebook post.

The experienced Bigfoot hunter said: "A respected state university in the eastern United States will be the first one to conduct a long term, systematic study of Bigfoot/sasquatch evidence in all its forms, especially DNA from hairs.

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"This is the first time this has happened!"

Moneymaker described previous efforts to perform DNA analysis on hair samples as "not legitimate academic/scientific studies".

He added the new study "will perform DNA analysis on hair samples already collected, some which are strongly suspected of being from Sasquatches but were never offered to previous DNA efforts".

Moneymaker will introduce the leader of the new project during his speech at the upcoming Smoky Mountains Bigfoot Conference, set to be held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, US on July 22.

"He will talk about this first big DNA effort, which already has a wide array of top level scientists from various fields quietly participating, and willing to publish any results they determine from the evidence," the post stated.

The project will collect a variety of hair samples that will undergo a vetting process to determine which ones to prioritise.

Moneymaker said: "The most important and laudable aspect of this effort: It is not a short term project. It will go on for a long time, with state funding."

He described the mysterious leader of the project as "my new hero".

Moneymaker also shared a microscopic image of two hairs labelled "probable Sasquatch hairs" that were apparently recovered from "twisted-off trees".

The ground-breaking project is set to get underway later this summer.

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