Vodafone and EE can’t match this latest offer from Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile just introduced a major change for customers who plan to use their phones abroad this summer. Unlike rival networks like Vodafone, EE, and Three …Tesco Mobile will not charge roaming fees to its customers for the rest of the year.

That means you’ll be able to stream songs from Spotify, check turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps, send WhatsApp voice notes, upload photos to Instagram, scroll though TikTok, and back-up your data to the cloud when travelling exactly like you would at home. And it won’t cost you a penny more on your monthly phone bill.

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Tesco Mobile is one of a small handful of mobile networks that doesn’t charge extra for EU roaming, following the UK’s departure from the European Union. Free data roaming was enshrined into law by the EU back in 2017.

Tesco Mobile, O2, and Virgin Media remain the only carriers in the UK that still offer the perk for customers. Other networks now charge extra, either per day or with an add-on to your account.

If you’re with Tesco Mobile, you can now travel to 48 different countries across Europe and pay no extra charges for using the same 4G or 5G mobile data that you would back in Blighty. All pay monthly Tesco Mobile customers who joined the plan or upgraded before June 16, 2022 will be able to continue using their data allowance in Europe until they choose to upgrade.

Tesco Mobile pay-as-you-go customers will not benefit from the change, since they already pay by usage in the UK and abroad.

You’ll need to have a Tesco Clubcard to unlock the latest savings from the mobile network on the latest iPhone, with the impressive dual-camera system to capture stunning photos in low light. It also includes Crash Detection, a new safety feature, that automatically calls for help when you can’t

If you’re thinking of joining Tesco Mobile to save on EU roaming charges, there are some brilliant deals around right now. However, Tesco Clubcard owners get the best savings – with huge savings not available to anyone else shopping with the supermarket brand,

Apple fans will be able to get their hands on the latest iPhone 14 with 12GB of data for only £34.99 a month, saving £126 with a Tesco Clubcard, or get a huge 100GB for only £38.99 per month of data – saving you £252.

If you don’t have a Tesco Clubcard, we wouldn’t recommend signing-up for the undiscounted price. After all, Clubcards are completely free – so register for the loyalty scheme, then head back to the Tesco Mobile checkout to save up to £252.

In our iPhone 14 review, we praised the latest-generation of Apple smartphone for its amazing battery life, strong dual-camera system, and useful safety features – like the ability to call 999 if the handset detects that you’ve been involved in a car crash.

Meanwhile, Android fans can get away with a bargain on the affordable Google Pixel 6a for just £19.99 per month with a Tesco Clubcard – saving £360 on the total contract for 12GB of data. For the data-hungry, Tesco Mobile also offers 100GB of data for only £23.99 per month, saving you £486 on your contract over 12 months. 

The Google Pixel 6a is packed with clever features like the magic eraser, which allows you to remove distractions from your photos and adaptive battery technology as well as Google’s own advanced Tensor chip. Our Pixel 6a review praised its amazingly low price tag and strong camera performance.

If you are after a very smart phone at a cheaper price you can’t really go wrong with the Pixel 6a. This mid-range device comes packed with many of the intelligent features found on its more expensive siblings including the brilliant Transcript dictation function that turns spoken words into editable text and Live Translate for understanding foreign languages in real-time.

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