‘Time traveller from 2858’ says exactly when megalodons will be discovered alive

A mysterious social media user, who claims to be a "time traveller from the year 2858", has claimed four megalodons will be discovered later this year.

The user, who posts under the username @darknesstimetravel, has gained more than 12,000 followers by posting outlandish claims about future events — with everything from wormholes to the creation of mythical creatures.

But in their most recent video, the user shared a list of events that are supposedly going to occur between August and September 2023.

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The alleged warnings include scientific discoveries such as parallel universes and that megalodons will be discovered living deep in the Marina Trench.

In the video, which has gained more than 2,000 views, the self-declared time warper said: "ATTENTION! Yes, I am a real-time traveller, remember these major dates to come this August and September.

"August 19: A team of scientists accidentally opens a portal to parallel universes. They were working on a secret government project, and it went very wrong.

"August 26: 4 megalodons are discovered in the Mariana Trench. This is the first family discovered, many more extinct and ancient species will be found.

"September 22: The first Centaur is successfully created in Area 51. This is the first successful integration, and many more will come, such as rats, hippos, deer, and more.

"September 30: Phase 1 of Project Integration is completed at Area 51, where animals and humans are merged. Phase 2 will begin the following week, to integrate humans and robots. Phase 3 will follow."

A megalodon is an extinct species of mackerel shark that lived approximately 23 to 3.6 million years ago.

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TikTok users were left baffled by the claims as they took to the comments claiming the "time traveller" had been watching to much Sci-Fi.

One user said: "What have you smoked?"

Another added: "Fake."

A third wrote: "Dude, you've been watching too much sci-fi or pushing some brutal material!"

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