Pro-Kremlin media tells Russians how to beg for compensation from drone damage

A Russian media outlet backed by President Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin cronies has given out instructions on how to claim compensation for Ukrainian drone attacks.

Ukraine has been retaliating to Russia's invasion of the country with multiple drone strikes on key targets in recent months.

But as is the horrific nature of war, some strikes will inevitably hit civilian infrastructure.

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In a bizarre article, top Russian news site Moskovskij Komsomolets has released a feature giving locals instructions on how they can claim money back for damaged caused by drone strikes.

However, it doesn't appear as if they can claim very much back from the state.

They spoke to Russian lawyer Irina Govorova, who cited a Russian federal law “on countering terrorism”.

She said: “It regulates compensation for damage to citizens as a result of a terrorist act.

“The amount of compensation for individuals is 50,000 rubles per family member for partially lost property and 100,000 rubles for completely lost property.

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“Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can claim 200,000 and 400,000 rubles of compensation, respectively.”

In English money, an individual can claim around £430, while a business can claim around £3,500 for damage caused by a drone strike.

But the rules are event stranger than one would think, when it is broken down into exactly what you can claim back for – building damage is not on the list.

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They explain: “(You can claim for) items for storing and cooking food (stove, refrigerator, sideboard), pieces of furniture for eating (table and chairs), items for sleeping, TVs and radio receivers as a means of informing citizens.

“As well as engineering equipment of the private sector: water pumps, boilers, heating boilers, potbelly stoves.”

The expert went on to claim that pretty much anyone claiming for damage will get at least £85 just for putting in a claim.

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