‘AI weathergirl’ presents first forecast and immediately sparks randy meltdown

A female weather presenter powered by artificial intelligence technology sparked a meltdown online after presenting its first forecast – with horny blokes seemingly in love with it.

Taiwanese news network FTV debuted the new AI presenter for a two-minute forecast on Monday (July 3). It came following six months of development.

The advanced tech is able to learn from past broadcasts to perfect its forecasting ability. It received good reviews.

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"Normally, an AI generated video clip doesn't feel like it's a real person talking but she doesn't give it away," one viewer told the news channel.

"There were no glitches in her facial expressions. She's actually quite realistic."

Another said: "If you had not mentioned it, I wouldn't think she's AI."

According to Thai PBS World, similar AI weather reporters are being developed in the US, South Korea and India.

However, FTV's was so realistic that it soon attracted a slew of Facebook comments from randy blokes seemingly enamoured by her appearance.

VT reports one commenter said: "She looks beautiful. I want to marry her, everyone is invited to our Metaverse wedding."

"I would date this AI," another said. A third wrote: "The face is just waaaay too perfect." While a fourth said: "She is stunning".

The AI weatherwoman is yet to be named , and FTV have asked their audience to help in that regard.

And despite the dodgy Facebook comments, viewers of FTV told the channel they see no problems with the futuristic weather reports.

One woman told FTV: "As long as the reporting is factual and she can help the audience understand what the news is about, if what she's saying is meaningful and broadens the audience's perspective, then it doesn't matter if she's AI or a real person."

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