Find the phone in this busy image in 5 seconds to prove you have perfect vision

Brain teasers are proven to be a great way to train your brain as you work on more complicated puzzles over time.

This brain teaser has puzzlers scratching their heads as they try to find a hidden phone hiding somewhere in a messy living room scene.

The goal is to find the phone within five seconds of looking at the picture – proving those that find it have perfect vision.

It seems like it would be easy at first, but upon looking at the scene puzzlers are struggling to find the hidden phone.

With so many other toys and objects scattered around, the task seems almost impossible.

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The image was created by furniture company ScS, and shows two adults and three children playing in their living room, which is littered with toys including small cars, teddy bears, and building blocks. But somewhere in the picture, there’s a phone lurking, and it’s your task to find it as quickly as you can.

You can take as long as you need to find it, but if you can do it in five seconds or less, then you might just have perfect vision, as that’s the quickest time the teaser has been solved so far.

If you find the phone in less than 15 seconds, it’s said you are within the average.

If you’re struggling and need a hint, try looking for a different sort of phone. You’re not trying to find a mobile phone here, but instead, you should be looking for an old-school rotary phone.

If you’re still stuck – the answer is below

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