Bloke shoves penis into ant nest to enlarge it – but critters feast on it

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    A bloke shoved his penis in an ant nest in a bid to enlarge it, but the army of critters instead feasted on his private parts.

    Thai media reported that the man committed the strange act "in a bid to make his penis bigger," with some sites reporting that he thought it was a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

    But the plan goes awry as video going viral on social media shows the moment of regret when the bloke pulls his member back out of the nest and frantically brushes the ants off it.

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    He pours water on the insects as they appear to feast on his penis. Thaiger reported that "his ant-bitten penis can be seen exhibiting severe swelling as a result."

    The site also reported that some online commentators said that ant bites can provide "homoeopathic relief or a cure for erectile dysfunction."

    But Doctor Sorranai Onwan, from a beauty clinic in the northern province of Chaing Mai, told Sanook that this is not the case.

    He said that people should opt for more suitable erectile dysfunction treatments, including medication or even surgical interventions.

    The doc added that the ant bites might actually cause further complications in the form of dermatitis or infections.

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    Just three weeks ago in Chaing Mai a Burmese man had to be rushed to hospital when he placed a steel ring around his penis in a bid to enlarge it.

    He left it at the base of his penis for a week but it became 'discoloured and swollen, and the area around the ring developed into an infected wound, filled with pus,' according to Thaiger.

    A surgeon at Nakhonping Hospital removed the ring when it became stuck.

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