Russia thinks US is training ‘genetically modified mosquitos’ to attack Moscow

Russian insiders believe the United States is training up "genetically modified mosquitos" to make an attack on the capital, with Moscow under threat of bugs.

Kremlin officials believe States-based scientists are capable of injecting mosquitos with a killer virus which they will drop onto Moscow in the hopes of infecting millions.

The wild claims were aired by MP Irina Yarovaya, Head of the Parliamentary Committee for Security, who believes an "Allied Insects" project is underway and a major threat to Russian stability.

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It would appear Russia is prepared for the bug-based onslaught though as they are "waiting for proposals" which would ensure their stability, in footage which led to MP Yarovaya being mocked on Twitter.

She was seen saying: "I will name just one Pentagon project, called Allied Insects. How do you assess these risks and threats?

"How are we prepared? Parliament has established a commission on biological threats. We are waiting for specific proposals to ensure the economic security of our country."

Despite their keen preparation, it would appear Russians waiting out the horrors of the alleged "Allied Insects" plan have Twitter trolling to deal with for the time being, as users ridiculed the elected official, The Sun reported.

One user joked: "Ukraine's combat mosquitoes are back!"

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Another described Russia as a "meme country" while a third, more serious comment, alleged it would be impossible to field massive mosquitos who could only target members of the Russian population.

They wrote: "This is ludicrous. No one could train a mosquito to only bite one group of people because of their nationality. This is ridiculous."

It did not stop one user from recalling a "documentary" they had seen, with a Twitter user joking: "Don't laugh! I saw this documentary the other day about a guy called Antman and his girlfriend The Wasp."

The wild mosquito claims come as the Daily Star previously reported Ukraine's statement on the "countdown to the end" for Putin's war.

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