Terrifying ghoul ‘splits exorcism cross in half’ leaving ghost hunters terrified

Ghost hunters were terrified when a cross used in exorcisms was split in half by a ghoul.

Kymmi Jeffrey, 38, and JP Kenny, 33, were trying to make contact with the spirit world when they claim a metal cross on an exorcism box was snapped.

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Kymmi said: “As we were filming a live video for our TikTok, we were at one side of the room.

"We heard a big crash from across the other side.

"We walked across and realised the exorcism box that was new in the museum had snapped and fell on to the table."

Exorcism is the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons or other spirits from a person or area – and an exorcism box would usually filled with things that enable to process to take place.

As the cross inside the box was made from metal the pair think it makes it all the more unlikely it could have been damaged easily.

Kymmi said: “This cross was made from metal, so it would not bend or snap by itself.

“We think it could have been because the museum is a very active place, and because the artefact was new there could have been other spirits who did not like it.

"This could have also been a spirit energy making themself known.”

Kymmi, who had been filming at The Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, added: “We were told by the museum owners that the item that moved was an original exorcism box that was used in real-life.

“The video shows there is nothing that makes it snap. It snaps on its own.”

The museum says on its website that it is packed full of paranormal items and history.

It says: "The museum is packed full of interesting items each with documented history attached.

"Whether you’re part of an investigations team, or a member of the public, there will always be team members on hand to help.

"We’ve got the most advanced equipment from all across the world, so we can give everyone the ultimate experience, all under one roof."

It offers guided tours, ghost hunts, séance and even "haunted sleepovers".

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