‘Hairy Bigfoot-like figure’ caught on camera stalking family on fishing trip

A family thinks they've recorded Bigfoot watching them during a fishing trip.

Taking to Youtube, Dave Pike shared the bizarre clip where his family could be seen wading into the water at Burlington, in the Greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.

The camera then pans to a shadowy figure poking out from the long grass in the distance, prompting the person behind the camera to ask: "What is that? What the hell is that?"

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The figure, that appeared to be watching the group, then quickly makes off into the shrubbery.

"Down at the creek in Burlington, ON and caught someone or 'something' looking at us from a distance," the description read.

"Then it walked off into the bush. The bush is very thick and 'it' never made another appearance.

"Mind you it did look hairy to me! Or someone playing a joke, but we were the only ones down there, so I don't know…"

The clip, which has recently resurfaced after it was initially posted in 2017, has led some viewers to question whether Sasquatch could be lurking on the outskirts of Canada's largest city.

"Finally, some actual videos of Bigfoot," commented one Facebook user, while another chimed in: "Had to have been a young one, and possibly even a female mainly due to its build. Thanks for sharing this video with all of us!"

But others were more sceptical, with one YouTube viewer remarking: "That is a set up."

Another joked: "Probably a Ontario wildlife inspector looking to fine people who don't have a license to fish."

Writing underneath the video, Pike was also quick to mention bears had been spotted in Burlington before, offering a possible explanation as to what the strange creature could be.

While the mystery of this particular figure may never be solved, plenty of other Bigfoot enthusiasts have happened across their own evidence of the large, hairy beast.

One woman was convinced she'd found Bigfoot's tracks and took to a Facebook group to share snaps of the giant footprints.

But some people weren't convinced and slammed the photos as "as fake as the day is long".

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