UberEats customer fuming after accidentally splashing £82 on sausages and butter

An unwitting UberEats customer was left fuming after he accidentally splashed out on a whopping £82 worth of sausages and butter.

Warren Blackwell, 42, was in the middle of cutting a hedge at around midday on Tuesday (June 27) when he felt his phone become unusually hot.

When he reached into his pocket, he saw to his dismay that his phone was unlocked and on the UberEats app, where he had somehow managed to order the fatty foods from a local Sainsbury’s completely by accident.

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The gardener toldNottinghamshireLive: ”I looked down and I saw I was on UberEats and it said 'order pending' so I was panicking at that point thinking 'what the hell I had ordered'.

“I realised it was too late and the order was for more than £80 of mostly different butters, a packet of vegan sausages and Cumberland sausages."

After he tried contacting Sainsbury’s and UberEats but not hearing back from them, he then managed to get hold of the delivery driver who, upon hearing about the situation, said he would return the food to the shop.

But despite this, he was still charged by UberEats.

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He tried to get a refund from UberEats, but they initially refused to send his money back.

“When I finally got a message through, I was told the driver waited seven minutes for me and never spoke to me, so I had to pay for the items."

But after the delivery giant was contacted by NottsLive, they quickly changed their tune, telling the paper in a very brief statement: "We're sorry for this mix-up and have refunded Warren in full."

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Despite getting his money back, Warren says he’s not happy with how UberEats handled the fiasco, as he’s worried that other people in a similar situation may not have been paid back.

"They admitted I didn't get my goods and the driver said he would take it back, so where did my shopping go? It was really annoying because it was difficult to get in touch with anyone and I couldn't find an order number anywhere.

“I'd totally understand if it was a takeaway or something like that, because you can't return it and it's my mistake, but because the driver told me he would take it back to the shop I presumed I would get a refund after that.”

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