Freeview users issued with important deadline that must not be missed

If you live in the North East of the country and you are having issues with your Freeview TV you need to act fast. That’s due to a special helpline being shut down next week that was originally set up to help Freeview users deal with issues caused by a fire at the Bilesdale aerial site in Yorkshire. This critical piece of hardware was taken offline due to the major incident with users getting their telly beamed into living rooms via temporary antennas instead.

With the Bilesdale site now active again, the company that looks after the technology has been offering advice and guidance to make sure all Freeview users are connected to the correct signal.

Arqiva recently confirmed that all channels, including HD stations, are fully operational with almost all TVs able to automatically connect to this upgraded signal.

With most users now switched back to the main mast again it seems there’s no longer a need to run the advice hotline.

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“Only a very small percentage of all viewers served by the Bilsdale mast have needed to contact our helpline for support since we switched on the new mast. We have quickly been able to send engineers out to homes where a visit was deemed necessary,” Adrian Twyning, Chief of Operations at Arqiva said.

“The number of calls and visits required have steadily declined since switch on, highlighting that the vast majority of viewers have now had their TV services restored. With this in mind, and with TV services being transmitted as before, we feel it is time to close the helpline as any new issues experienced from now will be unrelated to the Bilsdale mast disruption.”

If you are having issues then there is still time to call the number and ask for help so it’s definitely worth checking everything is in working order before next week’s deadline.

Here’s the number to ring 0800 121 4828 with it closing on July 7.

If you haven’t retuned your Freeview device in a while then now could be a good time to give things a reboot.

The hugely popular telly platform has confirmed that a major update has just been released which includes a swathe of channel changes along with a number of new services being beamed into homes.

That’s TV and WildEarth are just two of the latest channels to launch into UK homes with Freeview users now getting access to extra entertainment and wildlife shows which are broadcast 24 hours a day.

You can find full details about the Freeview changes here

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