European Sex Championships break silence over winner after ‘walkout and chaos’

The winner of the controversial European Sex Championship has officially been named as Croatian beauty Sweet Mery.

Sweet Mery, real name Marija Zadravec, previously announced she had won the competition on social media. That has now been officially confirmed by the organisers, who have faced criticism over the alleged 'torturous' conditions.

The 27-year-old won despite only one performance in the event, where the winner was slated to win a massive £860,000.

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Live Sex House Official tweeted: “It is now official! Sweet Mery @zadravecmarija1 from Croatia is the Winner of the European Sex Championship. Congratulations Marija.”

16 adult performers from across the continent descended on a secret location near Gothenburg, Sweden, for the competition.

But the six-week event for the continent's elite sex performers flopped miserably with contestants claiming to have been screwed out of thousands of pounds earlier this month.

Female entrants thought they would cash in £690 for every day they stayed in the steamy pad, while men were due to receive £345 per day – with a whopping £860,000 prize for the winner.

The European Sex Championships has since been described as a “low-budget Big Brother” and “out of control” after a number of adult stars walked out of the event.

Contestants left the house over claims that organisers Dragan Bratic and The Swedish Sex Federation failed to pay them.

However, winner Marija tells a very different story, describing her experience as “great” and something she would “like to happen again”.

She said: “This is a very big project and the organiser wanted to make all of us big, famous, world names and give us the opportunity to make a very good profit, so everyone should be grateful for that because the whole world wrote about it and everyone benefited from the advertisement from that project.

“We agreed on everything; what the fee would be, the method of payment and other details, I received a detailed contract which I signed.”

Speaking to the Daily Star earlier this week, Marija explained the reported “chaos” and claims contestants could not leave the premises were simply misunderstandings.

Marija explained: "The organiser said that we could go for air every day individually by agreement because, of course, it wouldn't be good for the viewers if half the people suddenly went out for air."

However, she said, because the competition lasted a very short time "we didn't even have time to agree on these issues".

Mister Riddle, the porn star who was selected to represent Slovenia in the inaugural competition, previously told the Daily Star: “We were first instructed that we cannot leave this premises.

"It was later on that we agreed that [for] one hour per day each person can go out for fresh air.

“We expected that we would have some sort of a balcony for fresh air, not a closed environment.

"We need fresh air because that's, that's a little bit of torture."

Another claim levied against the organisers was that entrants were expected to sleep in the same beds that they were spending at least 45 minutes a day having sex in.

However, Marija challenged this, saying that her information was that the sex would be held in separate rooms.

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