Big cat caught wandering UK countryside in ‘most convincing footage yet’

People believe they have spotted a 'big cat' wandering around the British countryside in a clip recorded on a thermal imaging camera.

In the one-minute clip, which has been uploaded to social media, the supposed feline, which has a long tail can be seen pouncing on an animal in a West Country.

The clip was taken by a deer stalker who took a thermal camera to a Devon field to investigate reports of strange creatures in the area, Gloucester Live reports.

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He has since discussed his results with the Big Cats Conversation podcast and viewers have declared the video as the most 'convincing' evidence that pumas and jaguars are roaming the UK countryside.

In the video, which has gained more than 2,700 likes, he said: "You can see eyes and eyes in this frame quite clearly. We've slowed down the footage to show the back of the animal."

Under the TikTok post, dozens of people have replied debating the images. One person said: "Please protect these animals at all costs".

Another wrote: "This is probably the only footage I’ve seen of a UK cat that is very convincing".

A third penned: "Very convincing footage, tail is very clear".

There have been scores of accounts of big cats being spotted in the West Country over the years.

Some have seen the strange creature on more than one occasion, others have described the blood-curdling moment they were stalked by what they believe was a panther.

The news comes after definitive DNA evidence has been found proving big cats are roaming the British countryside.

Unusual black hair was found on a barbed wire fence at a farm in Gloucestershire following a sheep attack. It was just a few miles away from where a large black animal was previously captured on video.

Documentary makers behind film Panthera Britannia said the DNA test result came back "positive" – confirming the existence of British big cats.

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